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New Construction. Expansion. Renovation.

CME Corporation is a merit shop with expertise in commercial design-build and general contractor.  Founded in 1972 and based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, CME serves clients in a number of industries, including food processing, warehousing and distribution, manufacturing, commercial, retail, medical, dental and institutional. It starts with the right floor, a great roof, a solid envelope and intelligent design. We manage our work with an emphasis on team planning, project management and communication. 

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An intelligently planned construction project

It begins not with our hands but with our ears. Listening is the crucial first step to ensure success for all CME projects. Identifying your specific needs and objectives early on guarantees the finished project will exceed your expectations. It’s the difference between acceptable and exceptional work…a unique reflection of your company’s brand.

Whether it’s providing complete design-build expertise, expansion and renovation construction or creating a new facility, CME Corporation has the experience, knowledge and resources to complete your vision and “Build it Right”.